Hospitality Heroes

At Restaurant Associates, our mission statement is: Delivering Hospitality Excellence to Premier Clients. We value, respect and care for our associates as much as we do for our guests. Our employee recognition program, Hospitality Heroes, honors outstanding performers who display our core values on a daily basis.

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Here are some quotes from past Hospitality Heroes award recipients:

"I am so happy and surprised. I had no idea that I was being honored. This means a lot to me. I enjoy my job so much, I enjoy the people that I work for... it makes me a better person. I was born and raised in Washington DC, southeast as a matter of fact. We tend to be a little hard in southeast but working around people in the Newseum brings out the softer side in me and I just wanted to say thank you very much." – Renee McCrea, Newseum

"I was born in Puerto Rico and I've been living in NY for 17 years. The best thing that has ever happened to me is working for Restaurant Associates. I appreciate everything you have done for me." – Erick Torres, Hearst

"My name is Carolina Perez, I'm from Dominican Republic and I am so happy to be here today with you guys and with the president of the company. And I am willing to do the best I can every day. Not because of me but because of my kids. I don't have a degree but I would like to grow more and more with this company to show them something they can do in the future." – Carolina Perez, Morgan Stanley

"I feel very lucky to be here. Every day I have to say thank you to my managers for showing me the real spirit of hospitality. They lead through example and I try to follow." – Omar Pacin, Google

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