Senior Management

Learn more about the diverse and experienced Restaurant Associates & CxRA senior leadership:

Ed Brown / Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Chef Ed Brown has cultivated a culinary prowess by working in some of the most celebrated kitchens in the world. His passion and considerable talent have earned him wide acclaim, including numerous New York Times stars and a Michelin star.

Sam Souccar / Senior Vice President, Creative Services

Leading a team of Marketing, Communications, Guest Engagement, Retail and Project Management professionals, Sam Souccar collaborates with premier clients to conceive, plan, execute and energize a variety of dining programs and establishments.

Michael Gallagher / Chief Operating Officer

Michael Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer, provides leadership, mentorship and strategic vision to the organization. With a focus on operational excellence, growth and innovation, Michael oversees all operational, managerial and support departments.

Robin Cerrati / Vice President, Human Resources

Robin Cerrati was hired in 2004 as Vice President of Human Resources for Restaurant Associates responsible for leading HR strategy. Robin continued oversight of the new HR Strategy for RA's dynamic growth from 2005-2008.

Aaron Salsbury / Vice President of Data and Analytics

Aaron Salsbury is a Vice President of Data and Analytics at E15 supporting R/A.

Einav Gefen / Chef/Innovator

Chef Einav recently joined R/A as Chef/Innovator. Overseeing the culinary group, Einav leads and inspires our fantastic and talented women men culinarians to drive culinary innovation.

Marc Scheuer / Senior Vice President, Culinary

Marc Scheuer leads a team of seven Supervising Chefs and eight Regional Chefs that are responsible for over $800,000,000 in annual revenue, innovation, menu planning, new business acquisitions and client relations.

Serena Crutchfield / Vice President, Marketing & Communication

Serena Crutchfield leads the marketing efforts and programs for RA while working with the teams at accounts and their clients to achieve sales and participation goals.

Courtney Willis / Vice President, DEIB & Culture

Courtney Willis is R/A's first VP of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) & Culture.

Joe Sargis / Chief Financial Officer

Joe Sargis is the Chief Financial Officer for Restaurant Associates, Compass USA.

Dean Martinus / President, Catering Services

As President for RA’s Catering Division, Dean oversees CxRA, Mazzone Hospitality, Max Ultimate and Occasions Caterers.

Aimee Takamura / Director of Wellness & Sustainability

Aimee is a registered dietitian with a passion for food and nutrition. She leads wellness and sustainability efforts for R/A, striving to ensure we serve delicious food that is better for our bodies and better for the planet.

Tim McLaughlin / Vice President, Culinary Services

With an impressive restaurant roster – and a lifetime in the food industry – under his belt, Tim McLaughlin leads CxRA as a very hands-on head chef.

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